12 Top (Budget) Stocking Filler Ideas for 2020

Part 1

If you are looking for some fantastic new stocking filler ideas for 2020, then you have come to the right place.

In our house we… I’m mean Santa, likes to put 12 gifts into the kids’ stockings.

This has been a tradition we have stuck with for many years and avoids any Dudley Dursley 11th Birthday moments. Not that our angels would dare to be so rude! 

“But last year, last year I had 37!”

With 4 children we recognise the need to stick to a sensible budget. So these are our top 12 ideas.

The presents

The first two items into the stocking each year are always the same.

Gift 1

Firstly Santa includes a Satsuma. An ideal Christmas morning snack to start the day with a tiny bit of goodness before the feasting begins.

Satsumas peeling
Gift 2

Followed swiftly by gift number 2. Some slightly less healthy Divine fairtrade chocolate coins. These taste great but more importantly, help to change the world a little for the better. Fairtrade is about better prices, decent working conditions, local sustainability, and fair terms of trade for farmers and workers in the developing world. And especially at Christmas, it feels right to buy fairtrade.

Gift 3

Gift number 3 tends to be a book of some description. I personally love getting the Beano Annual every year. The kids like all sorts of books, but of course this year will be getting a copy of Twelve Feasts of Christmas. I might even sign them for them if they’re really lucky. 

You can always buy a copy too – just click the button.

Gift 4

4th on our list of 12 top (budget) stocking filler ideas for 2019 is as much for us parents as it is for the kids. Santa likes the kids to have something that will stop them smelling quite so bad. And at times they can smell pretty B.A.D! So a nice shower gel or deodorant set goes down well. With kids who all love sport this is a must.

Gift 5

The 5th present into the sack tends to be the main treat gift. Watching the kids open something that is a big surprise and will make them squeal with delight is what Christmas morning is all about. In the past this has been gifts such as new football boots, that computer game they’ve wanted for ages, and designer jeans. This year, with two teenagers and two teenage wannabes, it’s likely that Santa will be focusing more on designer clothes again than toys and games. Pokemon and sports equipment however may still make the cut. Until the kids’ letters to Santa are written then anything is still possible.

Gift 6

Present number 6 is often the kids’ favourite tipple. This varies from child to child. Curiosity Cola is loved by some but hated by another.

“This is the worst cola I’ve ever tasted”

A 6 year old boy said to his older brother in a menacing voice.

We all fell about the place when the tale was relayed to us so Santa will probably get him a bottle every year, until he learns to be more grateful.

So that concludes the first half of our list.
Want to read part two of our 12 top (Budget) stocking filler ideas for 2020? Then please keep visiting our site and it will be posted soon.