🎵 In the first house at Christmas the family left for me: A mince pie and a Sherry. 🎵🎶

Twelve Feasts of Christmas is a humorous children’s picture book that makes an ideal Christmas stocking present.

Due to the success of the book we have now also launched a clothing range so that you can have your favourite Santa images on your clothes.

Inspired by the classic song ‘The 12 Days of Christmas’ and Eric Carle’s wonderful ‘Very Hungry Caterpillar’ this book is perfect to read aloud with your children or grandchildren.

Told through the eyes of Santa Claus, Santa relives his experience of being too busy making toys all year to eat anything. When Christmas Eve finally arrives, Santa is ready to deliver his gifts and enjoy the feasts left out for him on his journey. But will his eyes prove too big for his belly?

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This story has strong alliteration, keeping much faith to the original 12 Days of Christmas text. Combined with traditional Christmas menu items, this book is visually fun and appealing to children, their parents and grandparents alike.

Santa along with his trusted partner Rudolph have been digitally created to add a unique texture and feel to our book.

Fabulous jolly book that I’m sure will soon become a firm favourite on people’s shelves. I found myself singing along to the tune of the 12 days of Christmas (on funnily enough it is based) as I turned each page and I can see this becoming the ‘new’ song! The book is beautifully illustrated as well with fun designs. A must buy for the Christmas season!


Lovely book with great pictures and funny rhyme children loved it

Barbara Darby
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Merry Christmas Everyone


A donation will be made from the proceeds of this book to the Waterfall Trust